Lori Anne Parker
Heart Attack Survivor

Not many people live through the type of heart attack that Lori Anne had. Not because it’s more severe or more sudden, but because her condition is usually only diagnosed during autopsies.

“I was driving home at night when I had pain that went from my fingers up my chest. When I got home, I ended up vomiting.”

Lori Anne chalked it up to a case of the flu and went to bed, but the next day, she noticed that her heart was fluttering and decided to search the internet for heart disease symptoms in women. That’s when she realized it was a heart attack she’d experienced. Yet even with her newfound knowledge, Lori Anne didn’t see a doctor.

“When my symptoms started again a few days later, I knew immediately ‘I am having a heart attack.’ I knew something was desperately wrong.”

Lori Anne went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with coronary artery dissections, meaning two of the main arteries to her heart were actually splitting apart. Doctors performed an emergency triple bypass surgery. Afterward, Lori Anne learned how lucky she was to survive.

“My condition is usually only diagnosed post-mortem. Finding out that so many people don’t survive my condition was intense.”

Lori Anne wants women to know that heart disease can happen to anyone. She’s living proof.

“This was the last thing I would ever have expected to happen to me! As a woman, I had worried about breast cancer, but I never worried about my heart.”

Lori Anne’s determination now is to help women learn to get in tune with their bodies, recognize their symptoms and take immediate action.

Lori Anne adamantly believes that her story should serve as a cautionary tale to others.

“Listen to your body and respect what you hear. If you feel strange or like something is wrong, go to your doctor. It’s better to go to the E.R. and find out nothing is wrong, rather than not go at all.”

Lori Anne says it best, “I Go Red for the flourishing of women’s lives.”

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